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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is an art work which can be done by a Graphic Designer only. Graphic Designer just design your idea with a beautiful visual concepts by using hands, Computer Software etc.

Graphics Design is a design you just can’t imagine – can be only done by a professional and a creative thinking person who can combine the combination of a color as an ingredient whose result are a  a well designed Graphics.

We Durraal Tech helps you to fulfill your dreams for growing your Business. We helps you to create a Brand Identity ( Logo ) , Brochure, Advertisement, Magazine etc.

Graphic Design Process Our Creative and Professionals Build your Design throgh these tough steps

Briefing the Project

We Just collect all the information from our client to know what actually they want , because it is very important to satify our client’s needs. We just discuss to know the details of their project what they want.

Conduct Research

Now We know What our Client actually want from previous step then we just fulfill that need from our reasearch, brainstorming the ideas.We do study about Market Trends, Competitors, Designs, colors, texture etc

Sketching out Mockups

We just sketching the demo of a project to show to our client as what they want actually .

Then represent the project to a client to satisfy their requirement.

Building Your Design

Building your design on project is the next step through which we just building the designs.



This is the next step through which a design of project turns into production and development


Finishing and Delivery

This is the last step of finishing of a projectand final check and then deliver it to our clients.


Why Durraal Tech Our Creative and Professionals Team Just Surprise You With Successful Growth Of Your Business

We Understand your needs and Requirements.

We Understand your goals and objective.

We Study with your current Marketing Strategy.

We Mainly focuses on your Business Growth.

We ensures your growth with affordable Financial Investment.

We Provide you with our Best Experts at your Service.

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