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Web Development

A website is very important for every small and big business of yours because from your website , your customers and clients are able to connect with you easily and also understands your business.

A Website is only a way to make people aware of a product or services of your company . And through awareness your customers may attract to your business.

We Durraal Tech offers you a service and helps to bulid your website to grow your business in a wide way.

Website Development Process Our Professionals and Experts have Completed your Work through these steps

Gathering Information

We collects all the information that we need to build a website or to meet the satisfaction of our client. What is the need of a website and how can it target the audience of a website.


In planning , We Use all the information that we collect in previous step. 

We develop a site map of a web site , which includes all the details of the website like main topic , or sub topics.


In Design , We Use all the information that we collect in previous step.

We develop a Website according to our clients need and every thing what they want .


Next step is a Development . When client satisfied with the design then we work on it and starts a development phase of a website


Testing and Delivery

Before Delivery, we test each and every pages to work properly.

Testing includes all type of unit, testing ,integration testing etc.


Last step is Mainternace of a website time to time if there is any problem or changes need related to a website then we will get updated it 

Get affordable Designs Our creative teams built any kind of design you want

Business Website Design

Entertainment Website Design

Travel Website Design

Education Website Design

Shopping Website Design

Ecommerce Website Design

Hotel Booking Website Design

Food Orderind Website Design and Many more

Why Durraal Tech Our Creative and Professionals Team Just Surprise You With Successful Growth Of Your Business

We Understand your needs and Requirements.

We Understand your goals and objective.

We Study with your current Marketing Strategy.

We Mainly focuses on your Business Growth.

We ensures your growth with affordable Financial Investment.

We Provide you with our Best Experts at your Service.

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